Isabella Sevv

Isabella Sevv

Woodwork & Dried Floral Design


Isabella Sevv is a lover of natural materials. This has translated into a career pursuit involving woodworking and dried floral design. Born and raised in California, her work is informed by the movement of the vast differences in geography running up and down the state-from towering Redwood forests near her home to the complex Southern California deserts. Isabella picked up woodworking as a hobby while simultaneously working full time at a flower shop in San Francisco. While learning to honor the natural twists and shapes flowers take, she felt a desire to incorporate that into her woodwork, by making flowers feel more permanent. She does this by combining small hand bent wood and dried florals together as wall hangings for the home. 

In addition to creating home décor, Isabella likes to create big things. This has led to work as a display artist, from creating full retail window displays to custom merchandise and booth build outs for craft fairs and beyond, she is always ready for a new challenge.

Isabella can be found at either her studio in Bayview, or wandering around trails in Marin with her pup, Rocky.